Organizational Transformation


Changing an organization so that it can differentiate on the experience requires honest introspection, and a strategy that addresses culture, processes, and organizational structure.

One company asked Experience Outcomes to help identify gaps in their ability to lead on the experience. Our Design Value Analysis identified that this technology-led company had opportunities to change their corporate priorities and staffing strategy, their processes, their organizational structures, and their executive support for leading on the experience.

In the end, the transformation required implementing a multi-year strategy, which included the following activities:

  • Executive-sponsored presentations and discussions at every level within the
    organization to help everyone understand the importance of transforming the
    company and teams to differentiate on the experience.
  • Engaging the PMO to update processes that ensured every member of the
    product team understood their role in bringing great products to market.
  • Governance processes that enable teams and executives to evaluate
    themselves against experience-focused KPIs.
  • Working with HR to help them craft role grids and updating job descriptions
    that stressed teamwork and collaboration around user-centered product
    design and development.
  • Created a Center for Design Excellence
  • Help define personas that helped catalyze a common understanding of users
    and energize engagement around users and their needs.
  • Redesigning the corporate .com website to become #1 in their industry.


03 Role-Grid