Creating Design Camps


Experience-focused decision making and planning are key to delivering real value to the marketplace. One company engaged Experience Outcomes to educate crossfunctional team members on their role in bringing great experiences to market. In the end, these workshops—Design Camps—activated the larger organization to deliver more profitable solutions to market.

Whole organizations, not just designers, deliver great experiences to market. There is no such thing as a separate User Experience strategy. There is only product strategy. That said, everyone on a product team must embrace the importance of experiences that differentiate. To do so, each team member must be armed with the appropriate tool for them to contribute to producing such transformative experiences. These courses do more than simply teaching Product Managers and Engineers design thinking. They provide a way of solving problems that helps to create product and service experiences that customers love.

In the end, we first helped the organization evolve their processes, and then assembled the Design Camps to help teams understand their roles in these new processes. We defined one Design Camp for individual teams, and another for executives. We delivered close to 40 courses for individual contributors, and four for executives. The executive courses helped leaders understand both how their product teams deliver transformative experiences, but also how the executives could support, encourage, and measure their teams against the experience outcomes they defined at a strategic level.

Our experts can help define new processes that help companies become #1 in their industry, assemble courses to activate teams, and deliver the courses. Even more importantly, as in this example, we helped train trainers internally to take over delivery of the course, so we were no longer necessary! Thus, we all met our goals: We enabled an organization, and we helped make them independently successful!